Sunday, December 28, 2008

temporary structure @ design miami

i have been meaning to blog about this for a bit now, but other things like the holidays, the snow and eating every sort of peanut dessert imaginable (brittle, fudge and cookies) has gotten me a little backed up, regarding posting, of course...
let me introduce you to the work of aranda/lasch (that is, of course, if you didn't already know of them). they are the architect team behind the temporary structure that housed Design Miami earlier this month.

how i miss you miami sky.

above photos courtesy of james harris via dezeen

not only did they come up with this bangin' structure (that looked way permanent - in a good way), they also make some super cool furniture and installations. we were fortunate enough to hear them speak at the design talks hosted by dezeen; along with ross lovegrove (who doesn't consider himself a designer, but is super intelligent and just a little eccentric), and john maeda (the 16th and current president of RISD).

anyhow back to aranda and lasch...
(photos courtesy of me)
i want this in my bedroom. please.

that's a table handmade out of individually shaped blocks of wood (!!!!)

little tiny geometric smalls.

big. tall. installation.

another smaller installation.

so aranda/lasch are pretty nerdy (in the best way) and they look at patterns in nature to create their furniture pieces. but they don't just look at patterns on a micro level, they look at the process of why the patterns are created. they are pretty darn smart if you ask me. and you can read a lot more about them here in this article on iconeye online magazine.

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