Friday, January 30, 2009

frank plant

do you ever look at an artist's work and think "now why the 'eck didn't I think of that?" that's how i feel when i see frank plant's work. i love it. i am so into line drawings that it makes my mouth water (in the best way, of course). his process also resonates with me; he works from photographs of mostly mundane activities. seeing that i can't draw worth a poo, i look at his work and wish i had been the genius that thought to work with big ol pieces of steel wire to make such amazing permanent line drawings. sigh, but alas, frank is the genius, pas moi.

"Max at His Father's Table" - 2008

"Stay On Message" Detail - 2008

"Stay On Message" Detail - 2008

"The After from the Before" - 2008

more of frank's work on his blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

crystal castles in toshiba

i know it's a toshiba commerical (and it's been around for a while) but it's a super cool 'timesculpture animation'. the world's first, apparently (whatevs). but it's cool and i am really digging crystal castles at the moment as well...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

crest book covers from the 60's & 70's

so it's true. the recession is taking its toll on my pocket book. but i am not letting that keep me down, oh no i'm not, i refuse to be a victim. i am doing all sorts of fun things that i don't normally do like read and take naps, and a bunch of design projects that would otherwise not be 'priority'. and for you worriers: i am not fully unemployed, just in a bit of a 'dry' spot. anyhow i am reading nabokov's 'invitation to a beheading' and what a joy the cover art is (as well as other crest books from that era)...

i mean, seriuosly, HOW amazing IS that? i love it.

not anymore!! hehe

now THIS is what i should be reading

not only am i getting my fair share of naps and reading, but i plan on making up a banging batch of handmade tortellini in the next week. come over and eat some!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this is what happens

when i am left alone for too long...

happy day...

stephen fairey at aqua

'nuff said

Saturday, January 17, 2009

another 'white' artist for you...

we caught some of eric white's new series of oil paintings - "the psychology of interiors" at aqua at art basel in december. he was respresented by quality pictures from portland. his stuff is the dopeness.

untitled - 2008

untitled - 2008

A Gentleman's Mistake - 2008

Untitled (Jason's Painting) - 2007

check out more of his stuff here on his site.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

M8N4 JEWELRY on Etsy

oh darn the economy. darn it darn it darn it. M8N4 JEWELRY out of montreal have these laser cut pieces that are totally affordable ($22-$28) and everyone should buy them. i LOVE them. of course, i am partial to cukoo clocks, laser cutting and COLOR; but i think you will agree, they ARE THE RADNESS. but i am on temporary monetary lock down, and until that freeze is over i must wait to put these precious pieces on my baaaah-dy.

check out more from M8N4 JEWELRY here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i can't read this site but these images sure do make me hungry this morning. i have already started the day with coffee and some homemade caramel's going to be a goooo-ooood weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

oh YES we did!

we had seen these on wooster collective and on the original blog but we had NO idea how incredibly fun it was going to be to do this. we were laughing SO SO SO hard when we saw the photo of brian's first face impression (you can't really see it except through the photo). i thought our neighbors were going to come out and ask us to be quiet. it was that good.

check out the super scary face in the upper hand corner

so to all those haters out there, this is how you do it, and it really works.

brian had a GREAT time do this.

like a really really great time. (wackadoo!)

i think i had to drag him back inside.

Monday, January 5, 2009

charlies white's teen idols

i really like charlie white.

i'm sorry, but is it me or do almost all of these look like michael jackson after all his tragic surgery?

lots more eye candy here .

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Photos from Vermillion

I just posted more photos from Tomika D. from the JOIN opening at Vermillion. Check them out here.