Friday, July 31, 2009

[ EVOL ] at irvine contemp in dc

can't remember how, but i came across evol's current exhibit (ends tomorrow) at irvine contemporary in d.c.and i'm totally digging it. evol uses a super detailed stencil and spray technique on found cardboard as well as in the street. i esp like the way he uses the creases in the cardboard to define the architectural elements in some of the pieces. evol studied product design and lives and works in berlin (lucky).

[ EVOL ], berlin shroud, 2009. spray paint, stencil on cardboard

[ EVOL ], hand2mouth, 2009. spray paint, stencil on cardboard

[ EVOL ], dish, 2009. stencil and spray paint on found cardboard

[ EVOL ], unitled (corner), 2009. wallflower

[ EVOL ], untitled (electrical box), 2008. spray paint, stencil

Images from Irvine Contemporay website.

dear blog,

i am back. and i have missed you.

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