Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thank A god

YAY! miike snow is playing at neumo's tonight. it's so nice to be able to roll out the studio door, bump into miike snow at atlas and slither into moe bar for a drink before watching them play.


life is fun. OH, and we had a lovely little adventure this past weekend that i'll share tomorrow.

OH! i almost forgot

we put a bunch of red and yellow mini-pedestals for sale in the shop. they're flying off of our shelves, so be sure to grab them while you can!

keep an eye out for turquoise, magenta and orange due to hit the store by october 15th.


eating my words

i was having a conversation the other day about how much i hate, ok loathe, camper shoes. everyone at the table agreed with me that they are just uggs (ugly). the toe part of the shoe looks like a giant pill.

i'm looking for ankle boots with a small heel for autumn, and i can upon these:

yep, they are camper, yep i want them and yep i am eating my words.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

interior design blog mention

one of our clients, ghislaine viƱas, purchased some frame lights for a client AND wrote about them on interior design magazine's blog.

and you should totally check out her interiors, they are superb. thanks ghislaine!

nice post on nwsource

allison brownrigg came by the studio the other day to write this nice little article about us for nwsource.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*hint hint*

this is pretty cute...

from color blind smarties.

Monday, September 7, 2009

can't wait...

to be finished with this autocad i've been working on ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. (hence the weekend heavy posts). b is up north enjoying the outdoors and going to places called withrop and twisp - saying or hearing either sort of make me cringe - but they are beautiful, i'm sure.
during little breaks i've been..................SHOPPING. of course.mama's gots ta get some new shoes for autumn. mmmhmm. i took mies out in the rain today to play catch - she didn't seem to mind that it was pouring so hard that i had to bring an umbrella - and my red shiny ballet flats were leaking. done deal. need new flats. and the boots are for, well, posterity.

oh and here is my birthday wish - my materialistic birthday wish...

my far more honorable birthday wish is peace and kindness for all mankind. of course. and don't forget to:back to work...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

we have *THE* best intern(-ish) ever

just wanted to make it known to the entire world, or at least the entire blog reading world, that loc is AMAZING. (that's loc on the right with paris.)

loc is our ever trusty newly acquired intern(-ish). loc and brian were classmates in the i.d. program at the university of washington. since we have gotten so busy with gift fair orders (we're outfitting the kitchens and bedrooms with frame lights for an entire condo building in brooklyn!) we don't have the time we'd like to spend on paris' project, bridging wounds.

i can't tell you how excited b and i both are to have him on board. this won't be the last time you hear about loc. i use the phrase intern(-ish) as i expect this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship...

this probably goes with out saying, but he also has amazing style, which is never a bad thing.


staying the course of uncertainty
Northwest Film Forum
September 17 - 19 / 8pm
1515 12th Avenue
Tickets: $12 - 15
More info here.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

waffles with bacon and creme cheese frosting anyone?

when i'd see fatties walking around with gigantic starbuck's drinks with whipped topping, i'd always incredulously grumble something like 'and they wonder why they are fat."

this is why you are fat has taken that sentiment and made a whole wonderful website out of it, where they show images of absurd food (that people actually eat) like the 14" double cheese burger po' boy above. 14"? jesus.

rubix sandwich, sort of cute...

bacon tempura, but of course!!

cap'n crunch donut. yes!

hamburger helper pizza burger. are you freaking kidding me? this, for so many reasons, should seriously be against the law.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

update and another artist

as much as i hate to post after mads' beautiful face, the blog must go on. oh and update: brian has a crush also on mads, so i don't feel so bad.

so back to this post, i'm sort of slow at times, and i thought that this artist was drawing on top of his photos. the website portfolio for this swiss artist goes back to 1979, and i was all like, ok so you know how to draw lines and cirles, great. next.

then i did a little digging (very little, i wiki'd him) and found out that he works using projectors and stencils these pieces. yes, the lines and circles are in real space. woah, felice varini i tip my hat to you. for real.

these works have one vantage point, though varini argues that the pieces work as a whole, with the complete shape and with the fragments.

i mean some of these almost hurt my brain to think about. sort of like some of those texts i read in philosophy classes in college. hurt. my. head. good.

click on this one, it's a trip.

sorry brian

but i sort of have a big fat throbbing crush on mads mikkelsen. i've recently seen three of his films - after the wedding, adam's apples, and my fav open hearts and dang, mads if there's anything i can do for you, like make you a chair or something, just give me a call. i'm so serious.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the ruins of detroit

why am i so drawn (as many of us are) to these images of 20th century decay? i think that seeing these very thoughtful structured human efforts returning to their more organic roots is what i find so appealing.

these images are from yves marchand and romain meffre's the ruins of detroit and are a haunting look at the decline of america's motor city.

it's easy to forget that these images aren't from the chernobyl disaster.

the images were all so stunning i could have posted each and every one of them. marchand and meffre have two other series, one documenting east german factories the other documenting american theatres, that are also worth looking at.