Sunday, June 21, 2009

congrats GAP recipients!

materialized vase, slip cast porcelain, 7" x 10" x 5", 2008

i was lo
oking over the GAP recipient list yesterday and i saw erich ginder among the luckies. congratulations are in order... erich ginder won a nice little sum to work on the creation of a large cave-shaped portable gortex structure that will be habitable and address specific needs of the artists in a collaborative effort with artist garek druss. garek works to examine the similarities and differences between the habits of the musician and visual artist. through this piece the artists will call into question our ever-changing interaction with the surrounding landscape

i have very fond memories of hanging out with erich and bobby aiosa (who I blogged about here); back when erich's studio was still in the international district and he was still making antlers in-house. i'm seriously looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

some of erich's other work:
installation at hiawatha artist lofts

mansion chandelier, laser cut aluminum, glass and stainless steel cable, 36" DIA x 11.75", 2005.

...kicking myself a little for not applying as someone kept trying to get me to...

next year, right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

nathalie djurberg at the frye museum

dennis oppenheim, theme for a major hit, 1974

so we made it to the frye to check out the puppet show on sunday before (knee shy) headed back to the midwest. a large group show with work by some of my favs - louise bourgeois, paul mcarthy (such a weirdo), dennis oppenheim, and charlie white, the puppet show is just that, a show that explores how contemporary artists use puppets in their work. although not one of my favorite shows at the frye, i did REALLY enjoy the two films from nathalie djurberg.

nathalie djurberg, hungry hungry hippos, 2007

djurberg is a swedish artist (now living in berlin) who graduated from university in malmö in 2002. she's considered one of sweden’s most promising up-and-coming young artists. there's something very base, morbid, unsettling, but appealing about her work. exploring themes such as violence, sexuality, sadism, cruelty, death and brutality, her films usually contain no words but are accomplianied by scores by hans berg as well as a fair amount of grunts and groans.

nathalie djurberg, hungry hungry hippos, 2007

i'm into it.

nathalie djurberg, details of puppets on display

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ctrl+alt+design press

now that things are returning to normal (it's taking me a few days and a couple of naps) the success of ctrl+alt+design is starting to sink in. i always get a little anxious prior to an event, and REALLY nervous immediately following an event. "was everyone happy? did it look ok? did it fulfill its mission?" and so forth...

as i play back conversations, look at the images that have have popped up (we didn't take any - our camera was full and computer dead - tragic, i know) and see the press, i realize that all the second guessing was unnecessary and it truly was a successful event.

coolhunting posted a nice little write-up on JOIN and Ctrl+Alt+Design.

click here for the full post.

ctrl+alt+design also made it onto the core77 evnet listing:

click here for post.

laura cassidy of seattle metropolitan magazine wrote a nice article promoting the show.
click here for the full post.

now back to 'real' life...

cykel makes the blog rounds

go b! cykel popped up on treehugger...

click here for entire article.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

quick post - b on core77

ok i have about a million billion things going on right now (preparing for the ctrl+alt+design show), but i just HAVE to take pause and share that brian's thesis project made in onto core77 today.

so proud i am beaming...he's getting SO MUCH done. sort of crazy. click here to see the entire post.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

big dipper

i have this bad habit of keeping about 20 tabs open of things that i need to look into, thus making firefox unexpectedly quit. and i lose everything. the work by studio glithero was victim to one such unexpected quit. but then i had a dream out this machine and looked them up in order to share...

studio glithero is based in london and is comprised of tim simpson and sarah van gameren. big dipper (2007) uses traditional candle making techniques to make AH-mazing chandeliers. i want a dozen.

studio glithero also did some work with/for/during/whatever craft punk in milan at the end of april. craft punk rose out of response to "new currents in design practice and the present state of the world," and is "a celebration of tenacious creative expression, unruly experimentation, and brilliantly low-tech design processes." (i eff-ing love it.)
they used light sensitive ink to transform this plate. nice.

shake it to the GROUND

if this doesn't make you want to shake your booty all baltimore-booty-shake style, i must ask you, where is your soul?

rye rye was playing at neumo's last night. i tried to get bri bri to go, but alas, his bloodshot eyes told to me that taking him to a dance party rap show the week of finals is not, i repeat, is not the best idea.

6 days until brian gets his life back as he puts it...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

studio julien carretero

it makes me SO happy when designers take the time to put their process shots on their site. especially when you don't have to dig for them, they are just right there with the product. these images are from studio julien carretero a dutch designer who is showing his to be continued series at moss until june 27. and i don't disagree with the color palette at ALL!

need some help with that?

one of my favorite lewd phrases is illustrated in the photo below.

found on wooster. install pics here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

this. is. too. good.

i only recently saw the shining, like within the last six months. b and i saw this a few weeks ago, and i have been thinking about it since. had to post: