Sunday, October 26, 2008

my first post - yipeeee!

i have been spending some time working on the iacoli & mcallister website, and i am really shooting for having it finished by next weekend. part of finishing the site consists of me going through ALL of our copy and making it a little more boring, er i mean professional...cleaner...tighter... you know. so all of my rambling and stories and smart mouth will reside over here in the blog.


and i feel pretty good about that.

i have also created a 'portfolio' page on the site. putting a 'not quite finished' product in the products section was sort of stressing us out (which happens more easily than either of us would like to admit). the 'portfolio' page that will feature all of our past and present pieces that just aren't ready (or will never be) for batch production. they could of course be available for the right price. hehe.

and the other thing, among one billion trillion other things, that i am working on is a pad for 'your chair.' we have decided that this chair is most certainly a prototype (we will revisit it at some point). and i have most certainly decided that it needs a pad - on the back and the seat. when we show it at vermillion gallery on december 11th i would like to think that it will be padded in marharam light grey felt. but as with everything, we'll see...