Tuesday, December 9, 2008

folkert de jong @ art basel

we have been soaking up some sun as well as a whole lot of contemporary art and design at art basel miami beach. it's been a whirlwind. going to art basel and any of it's satellite events is like going on a world tour and checking out the offerings from this planet's best galleries. it's truly something amazing to experience.

one of the standout (i have a list of about 100 of such standouts) artists that we saw was folkert de jong. de jong is a young artist (b 1972) living and working in amsterdam. his use of pink foam and polyurethane is really stunning. i don't have images of the piece we saw at art basel, we couldn't take photos in there. we aren't vip enough. :) but here are some examples of his other work. i love the drippy rough feel juxtaposed with extremely detailed parts - the hands on the piece we saw were amazing, they even had finger prints.

Les Saltimbanques, 2007

Mount Maslow, 2007

Mount Maslow, detail, 2007

Mount Maslow, detail, 2007

check out more of folkert de jong's work here

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