Friday, December 12, 2008

someone slipped me a mickey

photo credit: jean lee

otherwise known as a 'roofie' or 'the date rape drug'. seriously - see the photo above? don't remember it. not an ounce of it. i apologize to anyone who had to deal with my swaying blubbering-ness. really. apparently it's flunitrazepam. you can read all about flunitrazepam here.
i only had a few glasses of wine, but let me tell you, i never feel or act that way when i drink wine. i couldn't see or think straight, i couldn't keep my balance, and i felt like i was sort of 'swimming' all night. and of course i blacked out most of it. like the embarrassing part where i handed the president of idsa a card RIGHT after brian gave her one. and she was all like, 'looks like you guys should get some food.' and now i'm all like embarrassed.

and i can't even wrap my head around who? when? and WHY? :(

i'll post photos tomorrow of the event as well as photos from miami in the next few days.

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