Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i&m on some online metropolis action

we went back over to the future perfect to grab some photos and kiel mentioned that metropolis might do an online article about the show. and what do you know? they did. check out their write up on here. (they included both the mini-peds and the frame pendants!!!)

some photos we grabbed of the show:

nesting tables, elisa werbler

nesting tables detail

crayon rings, timothy lilles (i bought a set - SO cool!)

drawing tools, stanley ruiz (also super cool)

modern stripes pillows, fred red

table by paul loebach (sorry i don't know the name of the table)

this is a RAD mirror, i just don't remember the name of the designers...(sorry)

i&m on designboom!!!

yay! check out the mention we got on designboom today. they featured the mini-pedestals and the channel lights. SOOOOOO exxxxciting.

Monday, March 23, 2009

updates from the big apple

ok, so there are about one million (ok, closer probably to like 6) things that i want to blog about, but we haven't had the TIME. so here is a little sneak peak/update: the show at the future perfect was a HUGE SUCCESS! we met the editors of i.d. and they had nice things to say about the event and us.

we got a little write up on the bergert and the channel lights over at sub-studio design. thanks sub-studio! so we are super excited, motivated and ready to get home and start in on our next two pieces, a chair and a table. funs!!!

mini-pedestals select at the show (like i said, too packed to take more photos)

somewhere on the street

and for the record, i REALLY miss mies!! mooooooon.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"everything i wha?"

i couldn't take my camera into art basel - so i grabbed these images from the james cohan gallery site. (but art basel wouldn't even let this one guy bring a snake into the convention center. i KID YOU NOT - he really had a big ol' albino snake in a box; which he took out of the box and placed it back around his neck when we left. did i mention that there was nothing but an old sheet acting as a lid on the box while it was in the coat check?!? oi, miami beach. - but i digress...)
"everything i have" is the work of london-born berlin-based artist simon evans - AND he is still showing at james cohan through april and we're going to check it out. yes! i've seen images from the show 'island time' and i am SUPER excited and will blog about it when i can.

folkert de jong (who i blogged about here) has new work at the james cohan gallery. i am super bummed - for a second (more like 10 minutes) i thought the show was in new york, and that we'd catch simon AND folkert at the SAME gallery. then i realized it's at the shanghai gallery. but his new stuff is siiii-iiiiiick good. please for me, go look at it all here.

ps i think it's going to take me until art basel this year to blog about all the raddly amazing stuff we saw. but that's ok , since i almost like never see art that excites me living in seattle. **booooooo-hooo-sniff**

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i&m at the future perfect NEXT WEEK

(if you are having trouble reading the invite, click to enlarge)


as i mentioned last week we'll be showing at the future perfect in brooklyn on march 20th with the likes of jason miller, 'rich, brilliant and willing' and kiel mead. we'll also be showing our mini-pedestals at ten over six, a new clothing boutique in LA. the future perfect has a "store within a store" at ten over six, and will be holding a little design event the same night.

i&m coast to coast. booyah!?!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Watch That Type, Son!

Oh it's just too good. I just ordered this shirt from Workerman
for B (points for being a nice girlfriend). Isn't this shirt AH-MAZING?

Found today on swissmiss.

beat box cook

i have a secret dream that one day (with practice, of course) i will be able to beat box with the best of them. until then i am going to enjoy this video. this guys has skillz. heh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

david adey = o.c.d.?

we caught some of david adey's work when we were at aqua for art basel in december.

"mischa barton for bebe" - 2008
photo courtesy: jam newma

he takes images from magazines (mostly fashion) and disassembles them using craft punches. he takes out EVERYTHING except the flesh. all hair, eyes, nails, clothing, graphics from the magazine - GONE. then he meticulously reassembles them using push pins and foam. FUUU-UUUN.

"posh and becks" Aug 2007 W cover - 2007
photo courtesy: art as authority

"posh and becks" detail
photo courtesy: art as authority

"katie holmes"
photo courtesy: art as authority

check out his site for some great sculpture. he has this thing with goats... (scroll WAY down)

Monday, March 2, 2009

new york, new websites, water jet cutting oh my

it's been a BUSY week over here at the iacoli & mcallister headquarters

we've packed up our frame pendants and our mini-pedestals select and we've shipped them off to our FAVORITE shop in brooklyn, the future perfect for a 6 week long show with the american design club. yep, we're pretty excited. oh and we're going to be there for the opening on march 20th. excited? check.

yahoo for dreamweaver. i got the JOIN Design Seattle site up. whoop. it's going to be a work in progress, but i am very pleased with it so far.

and lastly but not leastly we got our ring blanks back from this great water jet cutter in fremont. (if you want his contact info, let me know, he's great to work with.) tell you what, NEVER try to cut 1/2" corian with a laser, scary ba-nah-nas. but with a water jet? BUUUUUU-ter. mmmmm.