Wednesday, December 3, 2008

perforated leather and double stitching

b and i first saw patricia piccinini's work at the frye art museum in the fall of 2007. we had spent the day sourcing materials; we checked out a powder coating facility and went all over seattle looking at materials and talking about design. we finished up our day by stopping by the frye.

the piece in the photo above was a part of the show. after a day of touching and really closely examining all these materials we saw this AMAZING upholstery job. the whole thing is like one big crazy organic sofa.....

and of course we were amazed by her work but you know, we were also really into the big white thing. perforated leather and double stiching. i mean COME ON. we were hooked. .....but.....we were so involved in our little exporatory world we ALMOST touched the piece and we TOTALLY got yelled at by the gallery attendants. ugh talk about EMBARRASSED. i started to explain that 'we are designers....' trying to make us look less like idiots...and then i stopped...totally no excuse...

this is her new work:

you can see more of her work on her website

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