Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini-Pedestal Sale

This almost never happens,
so grab them while you can!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

inpirations: danken

i just found out about danken yesterday.
danken is committed to sourcing fibers from farms
that are organic and predator-friendly.

(predetor friendly means that
no lethal controls are used
on the sheep's native predators.
-i didn't even know that sort of thing existed.)

ashley helvey is the wondergirl
behind the felting
she also has a really lovely blog.

stay tuned for more about danken.
things are a-brewin'.

Inspirations: Kate Clark

pretty much don't have to
say much about kate clark's work.

it sort of speaks for itself.


(all photos by brian except the last one -
that one is from the artist's site)

Friday, March 12, 2010

super duper last minute show

we were just invited
(just, as in wednesday night)
to participate in a month long show, new victorian,
at ballard's white sage studio.

the show includes:

wallpaper from jordan landin for hermitage
(he also happens to be our studio neighbor.)a new series of plates from the
talented folks at {far 4}.

we'll be showing some mini-pedestals.

a new line of over-sized tools.
can you guess what we did with them?
guess you'll have to come and check it out.

also, the show will include art by:
cody blomberg | frank correa | jeffery babbidge

tonight | march 12 | 6-9pm
white sage studio
5317 ballard ave nw

here's a nice write up
from laura in
seattle met's 'wear what when.'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

great styling

i love love love the styling
for this jewelry line.
i'm not sure where i found this
or whose jewelry this is
i do remember that
i didn't find the jewels
too compelling.
but i LOVE this

i want an older bearded
sean connery-esque
man to model
something that i make.

Monday, March 8, 2010

overheard: in our studio

overheard* while reading this:
i could be a supermodel too,
if i weighted 98 lbs.
you psychopathic

thanks to beth
for the words of wisdom
and the opening ceremony blog
(which we love)
for the inspiration.

*overheard just might have
to become a regular thing
on this here blog.

**nothing against
super skinny people
(or whores for that matter).
we love all shapes and sizes.

inspirations: abigail reynolds

i've recently mentioned my
with crocheting.

just found this and wanted to share.

toxicity test
from abigail reynolds.

"...reference for this work are the toxicity tests
performed on spiders in the 1960's
to determine the levels of
toxicity of recreational drugs."


more work by the same artist.
the universal now.

these make me want
to puke my guts out.
they are so good.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ok, i'm back

(random brian photo. i like these)

it's strange being away from the blogging.
(yes i said "the blogging")

it's like being away from
your lover for a time
and feeling a little
like strangers when you see each other again.

so i knew,
in order to come back, it had to be GOOD.

so here it is....

we've pre-launched our new logo.
website and online store due to hit the internet waves on
april 1st, 2010.