Monday, January 25, 2010

miami graffiti 2009

lots of great stuff on buildings
during art basel in december.

primary flight
did a lot to bring more exposure to
artists working on the street.

some elephants were cuuuute:

and i try to be:

but one day later
the elephants
were totally gone:

it was here, right?

although i like the blue,
i was a little bummed
and miss the cute little elephants.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

inspirations: chrissy angliker


"For every intentional mark,
there follows a free-falling drip,
challenging it."

i really like
chrissy angliker's
new work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

acquired: baggu times two

having always been a fan
of the original baggu (above),
i was pumped when
i spotted the duck bag (below)
on cool hunting.

i've been looking
for a canvas bag to carry my laptop.
i'd almost resigned myself
to spending upwards of $100.
but at $18 each i almost bought two...

the bag is super simple
and is made from
100% recycled cotton canvas

instead of buying two
i got the original in peacock
for $8.00.

Monday, January 18, 2010

inspirations: karen barbe

saw some of karen barbe's work
on chelsea's blog.
but it's the pillows that got me.

i want one of each
on my white bed.

(oh, and speaking of crochet,
i just learned the basics
like two days ago
from my lovely mother.)

my bromance with brodarte

so i'm not sure i if bromance
is the right word,

you know,
being a girl and all,

but i am def loving
these boy sweaters
from rodarte,

available only at
opening ceremony.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

check it: sight unseen

if you haven't yet,
you should check out sight unseen.

from the former editors of i.d. magazine (rip),
sight unseen is a
lovely, insightful and colorful look
into the lives, studios and inspirations
of creative types working in a
variety of disciplines.

most recent article (pictured above)
is about julien carretero
who i blogged about here.

favorite recent article on sight unseen:
interview with peter buchanan-smith
from best made company.
yes, they are the ones that make those
beautiful axes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

inspriations: paper surgery

digging the 'paper surgery' series

reminds me of charlie white's
'teen idols' that i blogged about here.

also like 'works of chocolate':

and 'works of heroin':

Monday, January 11, 2010

inspirations: natalia brilli

belgian born and paris based artist,
natalia brilli,
covering all sorts of stuff in lambskin.
discovered her in miami
while shopping at alchemist.

skull clutch

yes, it's an entire lifesize band. 500 hours and 70 lambskin.
creepy? yes
insanely amazingly awesomely rad? uh, yeah.

and my personal favorite
(maybe because it almost seems affordable
priced at a cool $580)
would be a great (!!)
square business card holder.

oh no she didoni't

so we're working on a major,
and i mean MAJOR, website overhaul.

as i've been looking for fonts, i have fallen completely
and irrepressibly in LOVE with didoni.

and in my quest, i found these:

i know, right?
didoni cookie cutters from tove in sweden.
i've been talking with her and they are not yet in
production, but can you even imagine
i & m cookies on a mini-pedestal.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

holy time warp

almost a month of no blogging.
uhm, happy new year?

these are making me really happy right now:

casiotone for the painfully alone
tonight at vera!!

(not at the vera tonight, but still amazing)