Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fair Highlights: Design District

On the Street:

Having always loved this little corner in the Design District
it's fun to see it with a little graffiti.

At Design Miami:

Ok, call me jaded,
(or just a tiny bored with furniture pieces in a gallery setting)
but the most compelling thing I saw at Design Miami
aside from Martin Baas' exhibit
(which we didn't photography, lame, i know)
was "The Brief and Happy Workshop Workshop."

It's haphazard and ongoing construction
(I was almost stabbed by nails from an archway
they were building)
made Workshop Workshop, especially intriguing.

The factory and salon created by
artist Jim Drain,
poet P. Scott Cunningham,
and sculptor Graham Hudson,
produces zines that respond to Design Miami itself—
its participants, objects, conversations, histories,
narratives, suggestions and shapes.

And the fact that Ok Go! was playing live
across the aisle was a fun little additive.


The Reading Area:

with lots of free publications.

At The Moore Building:

The Moore Building was built
as a furniture showroom in 1921
and was the original site of Design Miami (2005).

Zaha Hadid's sculptural installation
for the first DM remains.

This year our frame lights and mini-pedestals are in the Moore Building!
The Moore Building is a popular off-site venue, called F Factory,
used for satellite events and exhibits during the fair.

We were fortunate to be included in "Gretel Take Away"
a pop-up shop curated by Abby Kellet.
We also sell through Abby's amazing online shop,
Gretel Home, which I blogged about here.

Note: Design Miami now houses itself in a temporary structure,
designed again this year by Aranda/Lasch
(last year's structure that I orignally blogged about here.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

hands down highlight: DOSSIER

until the other night,
it was a toss up for the highlight of this trip.
then, during a wonderful haitian dinner at tap tap,
we met katherine and andrew.
they were the two hip kids sitting next to us -
talking about eating
hotdogs with creme cheese and onions in seattle.
of course i had to say hello to them.

turns out, katherine is a writer and
runs dossier (along with her friend skye).

dossier is an indepedantly owned and published
bi-annual arts and culture journal
showcasing fashion, photography, creative writing,
art, music and culinary pursuits.
(from a quick glance some notable contributors:
nan goldin and miranda july)
just started my subscription,

they also have a storefront
of the same moniker in greenpoint (brooklyn):

photo credit: melisa horn for nymag

photo credit: melisa horn for nymag

the next night we all went bowling (!!!)
and ate tacos.
double date fun.
certified friend crushes ALL around.

ps. dossier makes the cutest totes
(artist limited edition)
must. have. one. on. left.

**keeping my fingers that they
do indeed move to seattle**

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

win a mini-pedestal SELECT!

take a shot at winning a
mini-pedestal SELECT
on Design For Mankind.

click here
and leave a comment for
a chance to win.

(ps. it's 90 degrees and i have a little sunburn. hehe)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we made it and worth your salt

after staying up all night
burning the midnight oil
to prepare for our two week hiatus,
we have landed in miami-

the land of sun,
rippling muscles,
and art basel and design miami.

also notable:

our white frame lights
are in chicago
for the month of december.
worth your salt
curated by
object design league
see on core77.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i&m at matter and paul smith!!

we're very excited to tell you that our mini-pedestals just arrived
at matter in brooklyn.
they love them.

matter is one of our very favorite design shops.
did you know they have their own line, matter made, now?

i especially like the windsor chair:


we're also packing up an order for paul smith.
that's right, paul smith.

safe to say that
sock buying is in order.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Design Shoppe: Sneak Peak

laser nature series, free time industries

pillows, piano nobile

transistor radio, urbancase

silk scarf detail, plainmade

chalk-it-to-me series, ladies & gentlemen studio

oh hey, that's us!

sigg faucet, greg bethel

cheri, grain

so big it's ridiculous, fruitsuper design

one-of-a-kind jewelry, fortyfive09

napkins, dinah coops

notebooks, chikabird

one-of-a-kind jewelry, &c.

This event might prove to be
a brutal blow to my wallet,
in a serious way.

Reminder! Reminder!

Be there!
Saturday, November 28
(that's THIS Saturday!!)
11th Ave btwn Pike & Pine

One night pop-up shop and silent auction.
Bring CA$H money.

More info.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SCRAP sneak peek

lot's of stuff worth seeing on friday night

from our new series
tripplett stool

loc's bow tie
(there's another special one)

greg's anirondack lamp

beth & meghan's big rings

a frame table,
another new piece of ours

free time industries
all 50 states! i have dibs on indiana!

LOVE these.

chelsea's necklace

Monday, November 9, 2009

you know you missed her

so it's offical

i am a business owner.
i was walking outside of the studio last week.
the fedex guy passed
and stuck his arm out the window.
i realized he was waving at me.
you know it's real when the fedex guys recognizes you.

we also made jpg's of our signatures.
for all the important docs we've been signing.

we're going to start advertising.
like grown-ups.)

the field house & blackbird candy shoppe

we went on a field trip to blackbird's
the field house
(located around the corner from blackbird)

inspired by the owner's grandmother, mable,
the field house is a three month experimental pop up shop.
if it goes well, they will stick around.

and we hope they do.

and isn't this the cutest?
blackbird's candy shoppe
is a super tiny adorable little candy shoppe in the corner of blackbird.

all of it.