Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cinders Gallery @ Aqua Art Miami

i know i am still digesting everything we saw at art basel, but these kids from cinders gallery in brooklyn really stood out.

about cinders (from their website):
"The idea for Cinders began from a desire to create a space to show art that felt more homey, warm, and inviting than the often cold and intimidating atmophere of galleries. When we realized that we were not alone and that there was quite a significant community out there who felt the same way, we were inspired to start bringing these like-minded people together under one roof."

it was great to see some kids with a d.i.y sentiment make it into the art basel miami beach scene.

(photo courtesy of cinders gallery)

"times of the day (stacked up)" - paper mache, paint and cardboard - sto (artist and co-founder of the gallery). (photo courtesy of cinders gallery)

according to sto this raft was floating around the hudson for a significant amount of time (i don't remember how long). they were hanging out on their raft when a big old yacht came by and rosie o'donnell popped her head out. apparently she was just tickled pink, asked them aboard and they shared some beers (sounds like the plot of a south park episode). "raft manhattan" - tod seelie (photo courtesy of cinders gallery)

suzanne sattler's piece really sucked us in. i love being able to every whispy pencil stroke. "mimicry in orchids" - pencil on paper. (photo courtesy of cinders gallery)

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