Sunday, March 15, 2009

"everything i wha?"

i couldn't take my camera into art basel - so i grabbed these images from the james cohan gallery site. (but art basel wouldn't even let this one guy bring a snake into the convention center. i KID YOU NOT - he really had a big ol' albino snake in a box; which he took out of the box and placed it back around his neck when we left. did i mention that there was nothing but an old sheet acting as a lid on the box while it was in the coat check?!? oi, miami beach. - but i digress...)
"everything i have" is the work of london-born berlin-based artist simon evans - AND he is still showing at james cohan through april and we're going to check it out. yes! i've seen images from the show 'island time' and i am SUPER excited and will blog about it when i can.

folkert de jong (who i blogged about here) has new work at the james cohan gallery. i am super bummed - for a second (more like 10 minutes) i thought the show was in new york, and that we'd catch simon AND folkert at the SAME gallery. then i realized it's at the shanghai gallery. but his new stuff is siiii-iiiiiick good. please for me, go look at it all here.

ps i think it's going to take me until art basel this year to blog about all the raddly amazing stuff we saw. but that's ok , since i almost like never see art that excites me living in seattle. **booooooo-hooo-sniff**

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