Saturday, March 7, 2009

david adey = o.c.d.?

we caught some of david adey's work when we were at aqua for art basel in december.

"mischa barton for bebe" - 2008
photo courtesy: jam newma

he takes images from magazines (mostly fashion) and disassembles them using craft punches. he takes out EVERYTHING except the flesh. all hair, eyes, nails, clothing, graphics from the magazine - GONE. then he meticulously reassembles them using push pins and foam. FUUU-UUUN.

"posh and becks" Aug 2007 W cover - 2007
photo courtesy: art as authority

"posh and becks" detail
photo courtesy: art as authority

"katie holmes"
photo courtesy: art as authority

check out his site for some great sculpture. he has this thing with goats... (scroll WAY down)

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