Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i&m at the future perfect NEXT WEEK

(if you are having trouble reading the invite, click to enlarge)


as i mentioned last week we'll be showing at the future perfect in brooklyn on march 20th with the likes of jason miller, 'rich, brilliant and willing' and kiel mead. we'll also be showing our mini-pedestals at ten over six, a new clothing boutique in LA. the future perfect has a "store within a store" at ten over six, and will be holding a little design event the same night.

i&m coast to coast. booyah!?!



  1. that's exciting. hope to see some cool photos of the event!! also hope you sell all the cute pedestals!! make sure you put some cupcakes on there, too!

  2. hey jean, thanks for the comment! we are heading over there now to take photos, it was SO SO packed that we could barely move - let alone take photos. (!!) i think it was a success! :)