Thursday, June 18, 2009

nathalie djurberg at the frye museum

dennis oppenheim, theme for a major hit, 1974

so we made it to the frye to check out the puppet show on sunday before (knee shy) headed back to the midwest. a large group show with work by some of my favs - louise bourgeois, paul mcarthy (such a weirdo), dennis oppenheim, and charlie white, the puppet show is just that, a show that explores how contemporary artists use puppets in their work. although not one of my favorite shows at the frye, i did REALLY enjoy the two films from nathalie djurberg.

nathalie djurberg, hungry hungry hippos, 2007

djurberg is a swedish artist (now living in berlin) who graduated from university in malmö in 2002. she's considered one of sweden’s most promising up-and-coming young artists. there's something very base, morbid, unsettling, but appealing about her work. exploring themes such as violence, sexuality, sadism, cruelty, death and brutality, her films usually contain no words but are accomplianied by scores by hans berg as well as a fair amount of grunts and groans.

nathalie djurberg, hungry hungry hippos, 2007

i'm into it.

nathalie djurberg, details of puppets on display

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