Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ctrl+alt+design press

now that things are returning to normal (it's taking me a few days and a couple of naps) the success of ctrl+alt+design is starting to sink in. i always get a little anxious prior to an event, and REALLY nervous immediately following an event. "was everyone happy? did it look ok? did it fulfill its mission?" and so forth...

as i play back conversations, look at the images that have have popped up (we didn't take any - our camera was full and computer dead - tragic, i know) and see the press, i realize that all the second guessing was unnecessary and it truly was a successful event.

coolhunting posted a nice little write-up on JOIN and Ctrl+Alt+Design.

click here for the full post.

ctrl+alt+design also made it onto the core77 evnet listing:

click here for post.

laura cassidy of seattle metropolitan magazine wrote a nice article promoting the show.
click here for the full post.

now back to 'real' life...

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