Wednesday, June 3, 2009

big dipper

i have this bad habit of keeping about 20 tabs open of things that i need to look into, thus making firefox unexpectedly quit. and i lose everything. the work by studio glithero was victim to one such unexpected quit. but then i had a dream out this machine and looked them up in order to share...

studio glithero is based in london and is comprised of tim simpson and sarah van gameren. big dipper (2007) uses traditional candle making techniques to make AH-mazing chandeliers. i want a dozen.

studio glithero also did some work with/for/during/whatever craft punk in milan at the end of april. craft punk rose out of response to "new currents in design practice and the present state of the world," and is "a celebration of tenacious creative expression, unruly experimentation, and brilliantly low-tech design processes." (i eff-ing love it.)
they used light sensitive ink to transform this plate. nice.

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