Thursday, September 3, 2009

update and another artist

as much as i hate to post after mads' beautiful face, the blog must go on. oh and update: brian has a crush also on mads, so i don't feel so bad.

so back to this post, i'm sort of slow at times, and i thought that this artist was drawing on top of his photos. the website portfolio for this swiss artist goes back to 1979, and i was all like, ok so you know how to draw lines and cirles, great. next.

then i did a little digging (very little, i wiki'd him) and found out that he works using projectors and stencils these pieces. yes, the lines and circles are in real space. woah, felice varini i tip my hat to you. for real.

these works have one vantage point, though varini argues that the pieces work as a whole, with the complete shape and with the fragments.

i mean some of these almost hurt my brain to think about. sort of like some of those texts i read in philosophy classes in college. hurt. my. head. good.

click on this one, it's a trip.

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