Saturday, August 22, 2009

a+ for a+

oh the beloved javits...heh...

spending that much time on the far west side almost makes me hate new york. the words hate and new york have never appeared in the same sentence out of my mouth.

i loved the armature they provided for us to display our lights from. the booth was designed by the american design club.

"you are a lovely human"

ok, mihoko and sherwood of the. just might be *THE* cutest design duo around. (dylan and jean are serious contenders, too though.) i especially like their anti-theft lunch bags and speak-ers. you can see more of sherwood's work here.

colin o'dowd has a new napkin, graphkin, that i was super into. gives you some guidelines for those drunken sketch sessions at bars. more of his products here.

colin o'dowd's beat coat rack.

pete white's 'le petit dej' was a real hit in our booth. my photography blows, but this breakfast tray does not.

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