Saturday, August 22, 2009

design to go pop-up

the "design to go" pop-up at the port authority (at 41st and 8th ave in manhattan) organized by areaware and the american design club was a success. there was a lot of product and not all was labeled (so i apologize for any lack of info), but it was a good show and a super fun party.

it's hard to see it, but the fluorescent lights read 'DESIGN TO GO" as does the string installation. (click image for larger)

kim checking out our 'destination cities' key chains. laser cut and etched key chains of the 10 most dangerous and 10 safest cities. we've already sold some!

left: canvas bags - designer unknown / right: tyvek bags by our friends at grain

necklaces by grain

left: misc / right: some great stamps "i swear on my mother's grave i'll never do that again" designer unknown (for areaware)

left: russian doll table from rich, brilliant, willing / right: the future perfect section

designers unknown

big kudos to kiel mead for all of his hard work!

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