Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i have a new crush

and it's on lindsey adelman's lighting. wheeeeet-wheeeeeeeeeeew. (that's me phonetically typing out how i fake catcall whistle, might have been lost in translation. )

sorry, that was probably kinda dumb, BUT i am going to make it up to you RIGHT NOW. look at these:

lindsey's newest series, the knotty bubble collection, is designed in collaboration with studio creative director becca satterlee, glass artist michiko sakano, and designer kristin barron for the future perfect. gaaaaaaaaah, i want her/them to make jewelry that looks like that. how SWEET would jewelry be? and how much do you want to bet this stuff costs more than three semesters of out-of-state tuition? (but well worth it, i should add)

cluster table light

and to get an idea of other stuff she does...glass options:
clear globe with white cane

murrine with gold foil

clear globe with gold foil barnacle

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