Wednesday, April 8, 2009

earth hour is neat!!!

this is a MUST see. in honor of earth hour (saturday march 28 - 8:30pm local time) cities all over the world turned off lights to raise awareness about climate change. the link above shows images from all over the world of before and during earth hour. when you go to the site, start by clicking on image #2 to see 'before' and 'during.'

downtown los angeles before and during:

i'll admit it, going through these photos was really moving for me. i wouldn't consider myself a sap, i don't cry during movies or for every tampon and yogurt commercial, but this is so cool. i got the chills and almost a lump in my throat. i am very moved when i think about people all over the world doing something good at the same time - being a part of something bigger. i'll admit that i also get the chills (no lump in my throat, just the chills) when i hear the bbc radio jingle. it's so cool to me that SO many other people all over the world are listening to the same thing. it's the human experience thing that gets me.

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