Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Already your favorite in a half pound of packaging!"*

i think i need a wooden coke bottle in a glass jar, just sayin'...

these pieces are from mark rice who is an uber-talented fellow hailing (for now) from bloomington, indiana. we've crossed paths numerous times in the past years, but it's only been recently that we've actually exchanges words...(sometimes i am shy, i blame my mother...)

anyhow i really like his cheeky folk art. in addition to being an artist of the visual sort he's also a pretty talented drummer (for the likes of the coke dares and the impossible shapes)

i am trying to find a place in my apartment so that i can buy and hang this:
i mean, SERIOUSLY?!?! do you know my boyfriend? have you SEEN my boyfriend? the irony and coincidence is uncanny.

and here is another of my FAVORITES:

more of his work can be found on his blog. congrats to mark, he's heading to risd this fall for grad work. (i'm jealous!)
*title taken from artist website
ps: susan boyle makes me want to keep living, not that i wanted to stop or anything...

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