Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shoe lust

i was doing really well suppressing all of my spending desires. but i have a weakness, a SERIOUS weakness. things to put on my feet...whether they be badass argyle socks, ballet flats, boots, or tennis shoes...they make my mouth water with shear glee. i could wear designer jeans and a black t-shirt (i sort of already do) everyday...but shoes...dang. this weekend i saw the following and started to really wish i had a sugar daddy (*ahem*) or that my birthday was approaching...or another holiday...(*ahem*)...


i mean, come one, brown, creme and yellow. so good it's stupid.

i can barely speak when i look at these. *gulp*


  1. Jamie...those pf flyers are really cute..and on sale for $49.00! want.

  2. tell me about it, liz. i went there to buy them, but they didn't have my size. and nothing on ebay...