Sunday, February 22, 2009

how does he do it?

jeremy thomas' pieces sort of remind me of deflating bubble gum bubbles. well, if gum was steel that had been welded together, heated to 2800F and injected with pressurized air; those kinds of deflated bubble gum bubbles.

i sort of can't help it that i always use this metaphor, but i want to eat these sculptures. in addition to wanting to eat anything non-edible that has nice color, i also think just about everything agreeable is 'cute' or 'fun.' so if i say something about you is 'cute' and you happen to be a dude - don't take it personally, it's just how i am.

ok, back to thomas...

Suk-Up Blue, 2008

Buffalo Yellow, 2008

Steiger Panther Pink, 2008

i think that if b was going to be an artist - which he has been talking a lot about with all the b.s. he's been putting up with at school - i think he might do very similar things.

images found on artnet. not much more on thomas' site.

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