Friday, January 30, 2009

frank plant

do you ever look at an artist's work and think "now why the 'eck didn't I think of that?" that's how i feel when i see frank plant's work. i love it. i am so into line drawings that it makes my mouth water (in the best way, of course). his process also resonates with me; he works from photographs of mostly mundane activities. seeing that i can't draw worth a poo, i look at his work and wish i had been the genius that thought to work with big ol pieces of steel wire to make such amazing permanent line drawings. sigh, but alas, frank is the genius, pas moi.

"Max at His Father's Table" - 2008

"Stay On Message" Detail - 2008

"Stay On Message" Detail - 2008

"The After from the Before" - 2008

more of frank's work on his blog.

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