Wednesday, January 21, 2009

crest book covers from the 60's & 70's

so it's true. the recession is taking its toll on my pocket book. but i am not letting that keep me down, oh no i'm not, i refuse to be a victim. i am doing all sorts of fun things that i don't normally do like read and take naps, and a bunch of design projects that would otherwise not be 'priority'. and for you worriers: i am not fully unemployed, just in a bit of a 'dry' spot. anyhow i am reading nabokov's 'invitation to a beheading' and what a joy the cover art is (as well as other crest books from that era)...

i mean, seriuosly, HOW amazing IS that? i love it.

not anymore!! hehe

now THIS is what i should be reading

not only am i getting my fair share of naps and reading, but i plan on making up a banging batch of handmade tortellini in the next week. come over and eat some!

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