Friday, December 11, 2009

hands down highlight: DOSSIER

until the other night,
it was a toss up for the highlight of this trip.
then, during a wonderful haitian dinner at tap tap,
we met katherine and andrew.
they were the two hip kids sitting next to us -
talking about eating
hotdogs with creme cheese and onions in seattle.
of course i had to say hello to them.

turns out, katherine is a writer and
runs dossier (along with her friend skye).

dossier is an indepedantly owned and published
bi-annual arts and culture journal
showcasing fashion, photography, creative writing,
art, music and culinary pursuits.
(from a quick glance some notable contributors:
nan goldin and miranda july)
just started my subscription,

they also have a storefront
of the same moniker in greenpoint (brooklyn):

photo credit: melisa horn for nymag

photo credit: melisa horn for nymag

the next night we all went bowling (!!!)
and ate tacos.
double date fun.
certified friend crushes ALL around.

ps. dossier makes the cutest totes
(artist limited edition)
must. have. one. on. left.

**keeping my fingers that they
do indeed move to seattle**

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