Wednesday, November 5, 2008

an new take on my old favorite

i have had this amazing shower curtain from urban outfitters (yes, urban) since my sophomore year of college (1998). i keep buying the same clear curtain with pockets every time i move into a new apartment. so ten years i have filled it with art postcards from my travels and other random two dimensional things that make me happy. but now i have a weird shower and it's been leaking water into the pockets and ruining my very precious collection of paper goods that i have collected over the past 16 years. that's right, stuff in there i found in junior high. now i have been looking for my postcard images online, so that i might print a copy to place in the shower curtain. i was searching for "Gabrielle d'Estrees et une de ses sours" (the image below) when i came across this design blog (which happens to be in the russian) and i found this AMAZING contemporary take on this piece by sabine pigalle - a paris-based photographer. SO good.

the o.g.:

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