Thursday, November 6, 2008

mies has a new shirt...

AND a new hiding place. the other day i was toiling away in the living room at my computer, as i do. and mies was laying on the couch cat napping, as she does. i started to hear this very light whining - i looked back to check on her and she wasn't around. i checked the bedroom and all over - i went to the kitchen to shake her treat can - a sound that usually has her bolting over to me half in the sitting position (because she knows that she must sit for her treat). but alas, no mies. every few minutes i would hear her whining - and it seemed to be coming from the sofa. i looked under it and behind it - but no mies. i started to get a little freaked out and thought of how we used to trap my sister in the hide-a-bed sofa as a kid and i started to worry that she had been trapped for a while in the the depths of the cushions of our swanky ikea sofa (joke). but i looked under all the cushions and behind and under and still no mies. then i saw it, there was a hole under the couch where she had climbed up INTO the couch. jeeze. but she wasn't scared. i just think she wanted me to know where she was. or something. oh she is such a joy. i love her to pieces. and pieces and pieces.

new shirt new shirt

hey hey up here. duuuuuuh.

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