Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dear Universe,
Aside from missing ceramics class,
yesterday was the raddest.
Thank you
keep it up.

We finalized some major
decisions with Justine
for a table project.

While snooping around her site,
I found this photo that
Charlie Schuck took:

I l-l-l-l-l-love his work.
Justine mentioned that
he's taken photos for totokaelo.

Then we met with Ashley
to talk about a lighting project
in portland.
(More details as they firm up.)

Ashley also works as a stylist at Totokaelo
and handed me Charlie's card.
(I love how the universe works.)

Then we mailed off our contract
to Jansen+Co.

And Brian is still obsessed with this and this.

While I've still been obsessed with this:

and this:

And I finished up yesterday with a much
needed 6pm bedtime.
I literally couldn't more anymore.

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